Ninja Vampire Busters

[a.k.a. Vampire Busters]
Dir: Norman Law & Stanley Siu
Star: Stanley Fung, Jackie Cheung, Nat Chan, Kent Cheng

[10] What looks like a typically exploitative Colourbox title turns out to be almost accurate, though Kung Fu Demon Busters might be a better description. Or indeed, Rabid Daddies, as a 500-year old demon escapes from an urn to possess the head of one of Hong Kong's more powerful families. Throw in elements of The Exorcist (the ghost moves across to the young daughter), The Thing (no-one's sure who's possessed), Hellbound (monster runs amok in hospital), a hint of blasphemy, some Jackie Cheung and you get a solid 90 minutes of fun.


Who ya gonna call?
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