Magic Cop

Dir: Stephen Tung
Star: Lam Ching-Ying, Wilson Lam, Miu Kiu-wai, Michiko Nishiwaki

When cops try to arrest a suspected drug trafficker, she ends up getting run over. However, the autopsy show she died a week previously. Fortunately, they can call on the services of Lam (from Mr.Vampire - the one with the odd haircut), a combined cop/exorcist. His new partners are sceptical, until they see him in action, then they're behind him 100%. Hiding, mostly, while he takes on Nishiwaki (rapidly rivalling Cynthia Khan as a favourite) who's resurrecting the dead as her minions. I've seen 'Zu'. I've seen 'A Chinese Ghost Story'. I thought I'd seen everything. I hadn't - my jaw spent most of this movie in my lap. A wonderful combination of cop thriller, black comedy and occult movie.


A dark cop, rather
than a fair one...
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