Perfect Creature

Dir: Glenn Standring
Star: Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Scott Wills

We really liked the setting for this; an alternate Earth where a genetic mutation has created the Brothers, a race of wise and generally benign vampires, who helped save the population from a virulent flu epidemic. However, Edgar (Gregory) has broken the Brothers' law and begun feeding on unwilling humans. His brother, Silas (Scott), is sent to stop him, teaming with a policewoman (Burrows) in the hope of preserving the fragile peace between mankind and the vampires, which Edgar has a plan to wreck entirely. The film certainly looks amazing. The era and location is uncertain: zeppelins float in the sky, yet the police have walkie-talkies, and the cinematography feels like a Fritz Lang movie. Truth be told, it's all a little bit distracting.

And that might not be a bad thing, since writer Standring struggles to work out quite how he should use the characters and setting, once they have been established. He seems to be going for a more contemplative and intellectual vampire film, which is certainly a credible aim; however, the results never quite achieve this, ending up being more leaden than thoughtful. I never found much reason to attach myself to any of the leads, and while it's a new take on the vampire mythos, there isn't enough conflict to generate drama - if the Brothers are so all-powerful as they are made out to be, then they should be capable of dealing with one renegade, probably without even breaking sweat. Long on atmosphere, short on punch (or bite, if you prefer), I was drifting off to sleep by the end, and feel no particular sense of loss.

[April 2008]

Past Imperfect
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