Kaiju Big Battel:
Shocking Truth

Star: Dr. Cube, Silver Potato, Los Plantanos, Sky Deviller

There's a point about twenty minutes into this, where it all starts to make perfect sense. Really. Of course the world is in peril from size-changing monsters who battle it out for domination, not to mention disfigured evil scientists, while our best hope for survival remains a heroic tuber and his friends. That's why we invaded Iraq, folks. Actually, there's no such political satire here: Kaiju is not about such things, it's about...er, well...not political satire, anyway. Regardless, this DVD is a great point to start for the uninitiated, since it opens with What is Kaiju?, describing the scenario and main players far better than I could. This, alone, is worth the purchase price, for its lethally straight-faced tone.

But, wait! There's more! The Neo Teppen show is a spot-on parody of those suited Japanese superhero shows...except it may not be a parody - as with all things Kaiju, it's almost impossible to tell. The middle third is handed over to the villainous Dr. Cube, who mercilessly skewers his nemesis, Silver Potato, even hijacking our hero's theme song; does his evil know no limits? It all ends, as you'd expect, in a pitched battle in the Scottish Highlands. I'm sorry, did I say, "as you'd expect"? Nothing on this DVD is predictable; if you did expect it, I guess you also predicted the cleaved sheep.

That end segment is perhaps the weakest, going on too long and drifting off the core storyline. Indeed, given Kaiju's origins (see their previous releases), there's precious little actual wrestling action to be found here. You get clips here and there, and a couple of fights in the bonus features, but it seems more a sidelight than the main attraction. Going from what's shown, that's a pity: doing a moonsault off the top of a steel cage, while dressed in a monster suit, can only be admired. Still, this remains daft nonsense taken to the extreme - there's more imagination here than a dozen "normal" films and, without a shadow of a doubt, it's equally entertaining.

[The film is released on DVD, April 12: for more details, visit the Kaiju website]

April 2005

May the cube be with you
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