The Strangers

Dir: Sergei and Yuri Ivanov
Starring: Richard Bent, Shana Betz, Victoria Hunter, Jennifer Marks

While a werewolf film - albeit one where the make-up looks more like a vampire bat, and where stakes work better than bullets - in some bizarre way, it feels like a Russ Meyer pic, all seething passions, rural setting and backwoods characters. However, save an unexpected lesbian session in a toilet stall, this lacks any of the energy, imagination or enormous breasts for which Meyer is famous. This is, in fact, largely unwatchable, thanks mostly to appalling sound design which had us screaming "What?" at the screen more frequently than a wrestling audience listening to Kurt Angle.

As far as we can tell, the story involves Trent, a werewolf who killed the leader of the pack (vrooom, vrooom), then headed out on his own. However, alpha bitch Jade (Hunter) tracks him down, intent on making him fulfill his lycanthropic responsibilities, i.e. ripping out people's throats. But the daughter and stepdaughter of Trent's employer also have the hots for him, and each other - see the above bathroom action. There's also, for no apparent reason, a lengthy scene where a minor character engages in autoerotic asphyxiation. Sadly, it's nowhere near as entertaining as it may sound, and the most amusing thing is the unfortunate name of the lead character - I bet Dick Bent had a fabulous time at school. The effects suck, the story is dull or nonsensical, and the videographer leans on the "strobe" button with ridiculous frequency. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.


Wildly misleading
DVD sleeves, #1
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