Trail of a Serial Killer

Dir: Damian Lee
Starring: Chris Penn, Jennifer Dale, Michael Madsen, Terri Hawkes

Looking at half the cast, I'm tempted to call this Therapy Dogs, but both Madsen and Penn are largely wasted here, good actors in search of something deserving of their talents. There's a serial killer on the loose, and Penn plays a cop, Jason Enola (that's "alone" backwards - Arooga! Arooga! Idiotic script alert!) burned out by his failure to catch the murderer; Dale plays psychiatrist Dr. Robertson, whose patients seem to be the targets. We had a sinking feeling about this one, right from the opening scene, when a woman being stalked goes back to picks up the things she dropped while running away, and we would probably have been better served turning it off right there.

We might as well start with the end, which is little more than a cheat, using information unavailable to the audience, although interest was entirely absent by that stage anyway, having been sucked into the giant vacuum caused by Jennifer Dale's lack of charisma. We simply didn't care about her character, and she does not make a convincing psychiatrist, to say the least. Enola, and his sardonic partner Abraham (Madsen) are much more interesting, but an entire subplot involving Enola's estranged family leads nowhere, and you wonder why they bothered at all. It's been a long time since we've seen such decent actors involved with such a poor-quality production. I can only hoped they were paid well.


This trail's gone cold
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