Tremors 3:
Back to Perfection

Dir: S.S.Wilson
Starring: Michael Gross, Shawn Christian, Susan Chuang, Tony Genaro

After the pleasant surprise that was Tremors 2, this doesn't quite match up, yet still delivers enough to satisfy. No Fred Ward this time - and I suspect the entire budget wouldn't have paid for Kevin Bacon - so attention is focussed fully on survivalist Burt (Gross), who returns to where it all began, to meet friends old and new as well as, inevitably, the next stage in the monsters' life-cycle. This isn't quite as groundbreaking as you'd hope, but that may be because the CGI is often flakey. Still, it's the characters that drive this one: besides Gross, we have obvious cheap alternative to Bacon, Shawn Christian as an enterpreneur who specialised in fake Graboid tours (until the real thing shows up and eats a customer), and Chuang, the second-generation grocery store owner, whose father was also consumed in part one. The interplay between these is grand and it's the little things you'll take away, such as the Dark Horse comic book titles in the store - "Graboids", "Shriekers" and "Graboids vs. Shriekers". It's fluffy fun, though I can't say I'm particularly eager to see Tremors 4, since I can't see where they could go. Except perhaps to a big city...hmmm, where did I put my typewriter?


A Graboid suffering from
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