Revolution #9

Dir: Tim McCann
Starring: Michael Risley, Adrienne Shelley, Spalding Grey, Callie Thorne

Trash City
Top 10:2001
I've seen plenty of movies where the hero thinks people are out to get him, but the difference is, he inevitably finds out that they are. This time, new ground is broken, as no such attempt is made. The central character is paranoid only in the clinical sense, and perceives hidden messages in everything from emails to TV adverts, to the bafflement of those around him, notably Spalding Gray as the director of the offending commercial. It's a fabulous performance from Risley, who systematically destroys his world with the unwitting help of those around him - though his girlfriend (Shelley, who appears to be closely related to Patricia Arquette) attempts to help, it just makes things worse. Her loyalty is amazing; must admit, there's a certain point beyond which I'd be inclined to think "sod this for a game of soldiers", and leave them to it. I think the worst thing is that this sort of collapse could happen to anyone, at any time, without even the need for any microwave-beaming government agencies. It's horrible, yet simultaneously fascinating, to watch someone's life fall apart so completely, and although the ending is inconclusive, the signs aren't good. Not so much a mental breakdown, as a mental multiple pile-up.


A mind is a terrible
thing to waste
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