Dir: Allan Moyle
Starring: Stephen Baldwin, Pascale Bussières, Kyle McLachlan, Kim Coates

A pleasant little surprise: an SF film with at least half a brain in its head, as well as a massive debt to Phillip K.Dick. In the future, people travel by swapping their personalities with another body - the potential for mayhem in the wrong hands hardly needs to be discussed, and that's what happens when a company executive (played by both Coates and Baldwin) finds his body has been taken over by a terrorist (played by Coates and McLachlan - confused yet?), while he is trapped in a cloned meat-puppet with 48 hours left on its meter. Issues of identity and self-perception are floated nicely in the first half, and Moyle (best known for Pump Up the Volume) generates an interesting feeling of the social changes such an invention would bring about. There is also the best-executed use of monomolecular wire - a nod to William Gibson - since Johnny Mnemonic delivered a thinly-sliced Takeshi Kitano. Though by this time, it has abandoned intellectual curiosity and descended into standard, not very interesting action fodder, with our hero running around in search of his body, accompanied by new-Luddite activist Bussières. I guess we can be grateful that she does at least refrain from saying "I told you so!"


Send in the clones
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