Modern Vampires

[a.k.a. Revenant]
Dir: Richard Elfman
Star: Casper Van Dien, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Rod Steiger, Udo Kier

Teetering precariously on the border between homage and parody, this quirky and cheap effort has Van Dien as a renegade vampire who forms an uneasy alliance with Professor Van Helsing (Steiger, of all people) to take down Count Dracula, now living in LA. It's clear that Elfman (and yes, he is Danny's brother) is a big fanboy, but it's hard to object when he brings in the likes of Kier, and adds nice touches like having Van Helsing hire gang members to help in his vampire slaying. Wagner adds welcome colour as an equally rebellious vampette, albeit one who has seen Innocent Blood a few too many times. Elfman is perhaps best known for the deeply strange Forbidden Zone, which remains a genuine cult classic. This lacks the same surreal edge, but rises above its budget with imagination and enthusiasm.


Ugly as Sin
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