Where Truth Lies

Dir: William H.Molina
Star: John Savage. Malcolm McDowell, Kim Cattrall, Candice Daly

Get it? Get it? Sadly, the title is about the most polished thing on view in this confused psycho thriller which sees Savage as a doctor tormented by nightmares about the death of his first wife, and locked up in McDowell's asylum by his second wife and 'best friend' (single quotes used advisedly), where Cattrall plays at being a nurse 'cos she "likes the uniform". She's one of the few bright spots: the script thinks having Savage thrash on his bed to Mozart equals insanity, while the director believes putting people in glasses turns them into doctors. I suppose the continuity errors could be subtle evidence of the psychoses on view -- however, I'm more inclined to think they're symptomatic of incompetent film-making and none of this will hold your attention as far as the eminently forgettable climax. McDowell's name is rapidly becoming synonymous with barely-unwatchable dreck (c.f. Tank Girl and the live-action Fist of the North Star film): this will do absolutely nothing to negate that reputation.


The truth hurts
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