Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars

Dir: Samo Hung
Star: Samo Hung, Richard Ng, Charlie Chin, Eric Tsang

Ignore the sleeve: of the six actors listed on it, only Hung appears for long, in a merry band of dolts and lechers who...well, let's just say that rarely can a movie have been so wildly varying. The majority of the film is comedy, or tries to be -- it's so low-brow it makes Dumb and Dumber look like Noel Coward. Welded on are chunks of an excellent martial arts film, which is where Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Richard Norton come in, kicking ass with their usual grace -- there's also a wonderful scene where a woman stumbles across a hitman in the bathroom and pretends to be blind, which would appear to have strayed in from Day of the Jackal. All this may only be 20 minutes worth, tops, but it almost makes the mind-numbing mugging worthwhile; My Lucky Stars, its predecessor, struck a far better balance. Having said that, I confess I did laugh out loud once -- putting it on a par with Robin Williams' entire filmography... [Released to buy in February, from Hong Kong Classics]


Star light, star bright
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