The Virgin Suicides

Dir: Sofia Coppola
Star: Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, Kathleen Turner, James Woods

It may be cruel, but you can't help wondering if nepotism is at work: after all, Sofia's acting career is largely down to her father and this does come out of his company, Zoetrope. It's a slight tale, about five teenage girls cosseted by over-protective Grosse Pointe parents Turner and Woods - the title pretty much gives away the rest of the plot. Turner and Woods are fine, as you'd expect, and do more with their characters than the somewhat vapid daughters, of whom only Dunst shows much personality. Making it one suicide would have been more effective, instead you don't really care because you never really knew them, and the justification for their act is limited. The point or purpose of it all is never really made clear, and you're left with something which has a few bitter-sweet moments but seems largely a vehicle for a spin-off soundtrack album. And since we're talking about the 70's here, I won't be buying that either.


Virgin on the tedious
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