Susan's Plan

Dir: John Landis
Star: Nastassja Kinski, Billy Zane, Michael Biehn, Rob Schneider

It must be galling for the director to still be referred to as John 'Blues Brothers' Landis, but the simple truth is that he's not made much since American Werewolf which really sticks in the mind. And this ain't gonna change that, though it's entertaining enough fluff, with some good characters and dialogue. The film centers around a plot by Susan (Kinski) to kill her husband, though unfortunately the losers whom are hired to do it screw up, and the fallback, biker psycho Dan Ackroyd, is even worse. The consequences, while never hilarious, will provoke some decent sniggers as things (inevitably) spiral out of control, with Lara Flynn Boyle notable as a sharp-minded bimbo (whose response to "I love you" is a casual "I know..."). Biehn does seem a tad wasted as an inept killer, and the dream sequences become obvious and irritating after a while. Nothing here to make it John 'Susan's Plan' Landis, or justify his complaints about it going straight-to-video in the UK, yet the script, which he also wrote, salvages things nicely. Perhaps this is where his future now lies?


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