Rogue Trader

Dir: James Dearden
Star: Ewan McGregor, Anna Friel, Tim McInnerny, Nigel Lindsay

We all know Nick Leeson got caught and went to jail, and Barings Bank bit the big one. So much for tension. While a knowledge of the financial world probably would help, Dearden wisely looks less at the mechanics (despite plenty of shots of numbers scrolling on screens), more at the psychology. In particular, how Leeson was able to last so long, thanks to a system where no-one dared say a word because of the apparently huge profits he was making. As a result, it's like watching a ship sail full-steam towards the rocks, and McGregor makes Leeson a sympathetic character, although this is no surprise, since it's based on his book, so take the "he was basically a good guy who got out of his depth" aspect with a pinch of salt. This should appeal to anyone who has ever done stuff at work they wouldn't want their bosses to see -- and given where I'm writing this... ;-)


Bank you very much
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