Dir: Neil Abramson
Star: Jerry Springer, Jaime Pressly, William McNamara, Molly Hagan

With about as little plot as a typical Jerry Springer double-bill, this follows two groups of trash en route to a tabloid talk show, where they collide, have sex and fall apart. With Jerry himself as the host of the program (that isn't The Jerry Springer Show, dear me, no), you do get a glimpse both of what drives people to vent on national TV and how weird Jerry's life must be, with complete strangers coming up to describe intimate details of their lives. Generally, however, this remains largely a depressing and somewhat scary portrayal of people whom you'd really rather not know about -- there's hardly a relationship here that's not abusive, deceitful or both. While there's a certain geek-show appeal to seeing Jerry, in a blue cowboy suit, sing C&W, or trailer trash give blow jobs to total strangers (especially implausibly cute trash like Pressly, as seen on the right here), it's purely on a car-accident level -- and who wants to watch one of them for 90 minutes? Stick to 'Too Hot For TV'.


Accept no Pressly imitators
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