Dir: Brett Leonard
Star: Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Kelly Lynch, Stephen Spinella

Watching this, you can imagine the fear and panic in the executives' heart when they discovered that Wesley Snipes was no longer available to do this futuristic cyber-killer pic. "Who do we get now? Will Smith is too expensive and Chris Tucker's not famous enough...". Enter Washington as a (briefly) dreadlocked cop/prisoner/cop again, hunting the video word made flesh, a murderer from a cop training simulation (Crowe) who's enjoying life in the real world, despite 200 multiple maniac personalities. The problem is, Crowe thinks he's in Demolition Man, all one-liners and grandstanding, while Washington appears to be in Se7en, serious and intense. The bad guy wins the tug of war for the movie (serious films don't have Traci Lords cameos), leaving Denzel stranded, flat and uninteresting. But Crowe is great, and given the right foil, this could have been brilliant. Instead, it's only in brief flashes that the potential is realised. Nice soundtrack though...


Nothing to Crowe about
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