Tough Beauty
and the Sloppy Slop

Dir: Yuen Bun + Tsui Chung-Sun
Star: Cynthia Khan, Yuen Biao, Waise Lee, Yuen Wah

Any guesses what the title means? Smart money suggests, assuming Khan is the "tough" part, policeman Biao must be...the sloppy cop. maybe? They should have translated the Chinese name: 'Angry Sea, Mighty Dragon' has a ring to it. The plot is nicked from Police Story 3: Supercop, with Khan and Biao assisting a gangster's wife to escape from prison, in order to get into his confidence, though they spend as much time bickering. Biao is almost unrecognisable - 'sloppy' is certainly right - and while the kung-fu is copious, it's not particularly good. After a decent first half, which borders on being a Cynthia-in-prison film, her contributions is largely limited to lurking in the background. Despite a couple of nice twists as the undercover cops bury themselves deeper, the title is the most memorable thing about this one.


Or sloppy slob, maybe?
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