Rush Hour

Dir: Brett Ratner
Star: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Tom Wilkinson, Ken Leung

After two failed attempts to break through in Hollywood, and a slew of steadily-declining returns for his Hong Kong releases in America, who'd have had Chan and the highly-irritating DJ from The Fifth Element, plus a no-name director, as a $150m pairing? Yet that's what happened, even though what you get here is Chan Lite, even by the non-challenging standards of his recent output. Only at odd moments does he show the skill and courage for which he's famed; instead, this is just a fish-out-of-water flick, albeit a fun and amusing one. Chan and Tucker have a good rapport, taking the mickey out of themselves with easy grace, and the director, sensibly, lets them get on with it. There's absolutely nothing to stick in the mind, however -- this is truly movie-making for the goldfish audience.


Chan gets tucker-ed out
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