Dir: Louis Morneau
Star: Kylie Travis, James Belushi, Shannon Whirry, Frank Whaley

Travis hitches a lift with psycho redneck Belushi, only to find herself mired in much carnage. But then she gets the chance to turn the clock back 20 minutes... This is a nice cross between Groundhog Day and The Hitcher, with some good touches -- the heroine's attempts to fix things just result in more death and mass destruction. The script teases an obvious ending, then ignores it completely, and although the central concept is ludicrous and relies too much on perfect timing, it's always intriguing to see how things pan out in the various alternate futures. Plenty of action and mayhem, impressive handled, while the central performances are generally better than you'd expect. Something of a sleeper, and buried on its extremely brief cinematic outing, this film is also a minor gem, which surpasses expectations in most areas and is worth checking out.


You just can't
stop-watching this one
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