The Game

Dir: David Fincher
Star: Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Unger, James Rebhorn

Douglas does Character #2 (the Sleazeball Executive - see also Indecent Proposal and Wall Street) in this very twisted tale of what to get the man who has everything: how about paranoia and a selection box of psychoses? For this is what he gets, thanks to a very dubious birthday gift from brother Penn. But is it just the game of the title, or is more going on? After Se7en plundered Blade Runner, Fincher decides to loot the Videodrome cupboard, right down to using the same composer, Howard Shore, so the man has excellent taste in movies. It's all deeply confusing; the lead character never knows what's going on, and neither does the audiece, right up until the last moments. Stiil totally; implausible, of course, but none the worse for it, despite an ending which could have used some more ambiguity.


Douglas becomes a player
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