Dir: Jim Wynorski
Star: Talisa Soto, Roger Daltrey, Richard Joseph Paul, Brian Bloom

You get the feeling that they came up with the spiffing cover (ex-Bond girl Soto as the title character), then struggled badly to produce anything to wrap it round. For the end result is flat and utterly lacking in pace or drive. Or humour. Or gore. Or sex. Soto is decent enough, but Daltrey is frankly embarrassing as her nemesis, not least when he's playing a rock star. There is just enough imagination on view to hint at what might have been, though the odd neat idea just shows up the paucity in all other areas. John Landis does a cameo -- significant, only in that it makes me want to watch 'Innocent Blood' again, which was superior to this pale and lifeless vampire flick in every conceivable way.


The tooth hurts
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