Tomorrow Never Dies (Roger Spottiswoode) - Probably the least interesting Bond film since the later days of Roger Moore, with hardly a memorable moment to recommend it. The plot is more Austin Powers than 007: cackling meglomaniacal villain Jonathan Pryce (now available for pantomime) plots to take over the world from his secret base -- complete with convenient roof-hatch for Bond to use. The series has rarely been stretched so thin between action sequences. Teri Hatcher dies SUSPICIOUSLY early, and oddly, you never get to see the face of her 'corpse', fitting rumours that she was fired and then written out. Michelle Yeoh is wasted, save one sequence, and Brosnan gets wetter by the minute. The only worthwhile villain, "Dr.Kaufmann", would have been a great recurring character a la 'Jaws', but dies inside five minutes. By anyone else's standards, this might be marginally acceptable: after the awesome 'Goldeneye', it's a major disappointment that my sense of awe was only engaged by the (spectacular as ever) credits. D

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