Yes, Madam

[a.k.a. In the Line of Duty 2, Police Assassins 2, Police Assassins]
Dir: Corey Yuen
Star: - Yeung Chi King, Cynthia Rothrock, John Sham, Richard Ng

Yeung Chi King is a cop awaiting the arrival of an English contact with evidence on one of Hong Kong's mob bosses. Before it's delivered, he is assassinated but the hitman is unable to find the evidence. The people who do find it are two burglars who soon find the mob and the police on their tail. Behind perhaps the worst piece of cover art in existence (which, regrettably, I no longer possess), this is an odd, identikit sort of movie which in the UK version opens with a sequence taken from another movie, then meanders for 65 minutes before exploding into one of the best climaxes to any martial arts movie I've seen.

Cynthia Rothrock, at that time a near-unknown, played a tough Scotland Yard officer, nicknamed 'Dirty Carrie', sent over to help, though the dubbing makes her sound like a Sloane Ranger. Yeung holds her own well, both in action and acting, and the movie is ok, despite a tendency to stage sequences in the dark. However, the final showdown between the pair, now ex-cops, and the mob is incredible, with much leaping about and demolition of bad guys (including one very painful stunt fall - the poor man falls off one balcony 20 ft up, bounces off another and crashes to the un-matted floor): this alone is worth seeing, and is followed by an ending best described as "nihilist vigilante".

[most of which is gained in the last quarter of an hour]

Ouch, madam
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