The Young Master

Dir: Jackie Chan
Star: Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Feng Feng, Shih Kien

[18] It's been a long time coming, but finally someone has put out a subtitled Jackie Chan film. This is amazing, given the amount of lesser dreck which has appeared, so all praise to Hong Kong Classics, specially since the widescreen subtitled version is the same price as the normal one, rather than coming out in an overpriced cardboard box. The film itself is perhaps the best JC did pre-'Police Story' and stands up very well, showcasing purer martial arts than the stunts/action for which he's become renowned. The story is to do with student Jackie tracking down a colleague who has defected from his school, though it's merely an excuse for a wide variety of "Object fu"; stools, pipes, fans and skirts are all wielded by Jackie in the lead-up to a final bruising one-on-one battle lasting the best part of 20 minutes. Excellent stuff, that will hopefully lead to more material appearing like this.


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