Dir: Jeff Kanew
Star: Kathleen Turner, Jay O. Sanders, Charles Durning, Angela Goethals

[11] The subtitle, "Detective in High Heels", tells you more about this film, Turner playing the title role of a P.I. who finds a babysitting job (c'mon, a girl's gotta live!) getting very deep when the father of the child is blown up. The director seems uncertain whether this is 'Dirty Harriet' or Brenda Starr, which leads to some jarring moments, but mostly he treads the line between the two well. Turner is excellent, as ever, and the rest of the cast are just as solid, helped by snappy, crackling dialogue. While I wonder whether we needed quite so many shots of Kathleen Turner's feet(!), the 90 minutes absolutely flew past with never a dull moment.


Feet of strength
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