Tiger on the Beat

Dir: Liu-Chia Liang
Star: Chow Yun-Fat, Conan Lee, Nina Li, Gordon Liu

[10] - A seriously young-looking Chow is a seriously laid-back cop who finds himself teamed up with the same policeman (Lee) who came seriously close to blowing him away mere days previously. 'Serious', in the superlative sense, probably sums up this movie better than most words, most notably in the final fight sequence which has a chainsaw battle that beats anything I've seen anywhere. Chow Yun Fat does other nifty work with weapons unlikely to pass the BBFC as he takes on...(all together now)...a gang of drug smugglers! While there might not be much new here, the execution is almost flawless making it one of CYF's best. And that's seriously good.


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