Terror on the Menu

[or Terror at the Red Wolf Inn - depending on whether you believe
the video box or the film titles respectively, or Terror House]
Dir: Bud Townsend
Star: Linda Gillin, John Nielson, Arthur Space, Mary Jackson

[2] This is a trashless American drive in movie - 'trashless' via it's lack of gore, horror and (needless to say) sex. It was produced in the mid-70's and involves a pretty young student winning a holiday at a countryside inn which is owned by a group of cannibals. An endless dinner sequence (lots of closeups of mouths chomping away) deep-sixes this movie early on. To be ignored and forgotten.

[Was chatting to Nate of classic-horror.com, and he mentioned this one. From what he says, it seems like the version reviewed above was likely heavily cut. That's a conclusion backed up by these IMDB comments.]

...by any other name
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