Dir: Todd Haynes

[3] Tells the story of the death of Karen Carpenter (of The Carpenters, noted squeaky-clean duo of the early 70's) from anorexia, using (wait for it) Barbie dolls instead of actors. A well-intentioned idea, symbolising as it does commercial packaging of women, etc - unfortunately it's just too ridiculous to work and when I saw it the audience giggled throughout. A shame, too, since the non-Barbie bits, a mix of found footage and hand-held video, are well thought-out and do perhaps give something of an insight into the world of the anorexic.


Plastic drastic
See also...
  • Er, there don't seem to be that many Barbie doll movies around... I did see a great short film called 'Barbie 5', which was a Japanese superhero show done with Barbie dolls, but that's about it. Though perhaps:
  • Bride of Chucky
  • Small Soldiers
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