Dir: Anthony Hickox
Star: David Carradine, Morgan Brittany, Bruce Campbell, Jim Metzler

[5] Waxworks, also by Hickox, was an uneven film about, surprisingly, a wax museum; one of the segments was a vampire story, well up in the running for the bloodiest scene EVER. He's expanded up to an entire film about blood suckers, yet the amount of red stuff here is minimal - in this modern age, vampires have started creating artificial blood (and also using UV cream to let them go out in the day!). This causes friction with traditionalists who believe in hunting their prey; civil war looms. Into this comes Carradine, as the inventor of the artificial blood, his family, and Campbell as Van Helsing, out to continue his ancestor's work. Cue a long stream of mostly obvious jokes about garlic, as Carradine fails to believe his family's tales until just before the final battle. 'You've been watching too many horror films", he says, a sentiment that brought a ripple of agreement from the, by now, very tired audience! Enjoyable rubbish is the best way to describe this one; the odd new idea and humorous situation keeps it all ticking over and Campbell is excellent. If at the end you feel as if you'd eaten a stick of candy-floss, it's stlll a pleasant way to spend ninety minutes.

Dead by dawn
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