Dir: Roger Donaldson
Star: Natasha Henstridge, Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina

[18] Oh God, yet another adult X File; at this rate, by the time they get their film out, no-one will want to see it. Though this one has more in common with Tobe Hooper's excruciatingly wonderful Lifeforce; psychopathic alien babe comes to Earth and starts offing people. In this case, however, she just wants to breed. Repeatedly. In a wide variety of situations designed to show off Henstridge's breasts. Admirable though these are, they're not quite enough to carry the film and, while Molina and Madsen try hard, all the human characters are terribly flat (certainly not true about Ms. Henstridge...). Ten years ago, this would have been directed by someone like Dave DeCoteau, starred Michelle Bauer, and cost maybe 100 grand. It might have been better off staying that way.


The origin of the species
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