Single White Female

Dir: Barbet Schroeder
Star: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bridget Fonda, Steven Weber, Peter Friedman

[13] - The key question in this film is not "whodunnit?", which is obvious from the start, nor is it "will she get away with it?", this being mainstream Hollywood fodder. No, the most gripping thing about this film is trying to decide how many times Leigh is going to take her clothes off. I won't spoil the movie by giving away the answer, but suffice to say, it's non-zero. Oh yeah, the plot - psycho flatmate tries to duplicate identity of her co-habitee. Nice 'n' sleazy stuff, though why anyone would choose a computer consultant as a role model beats me... Fonda doesn't need to act, so doesn't bother, JJL turns in her usual effective psychonaut. File under "lingerie or less".


Bridget's roomate is
getting Fonda her
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