Prison Stories

Dir: Penelope Spheeris, Donna Deitch, Joan Micklin Silver Rae Dawn Chong
Star: Silvana Gallardo, Kimberly Scott, Naylon Mitchell

[11] An HBO produced woman-in-prison story in three chunks, from the directos of Suburbia, Desert Hearts and, er... As you'd expect from female directors, it's notably low on T&A, but despite the earnest approach, you still get drugs, catfights, a shower scene, etc. The strong cast - also including Talisa Soto, Annabella Sciorra - helps, even if it might have been nice to have a male character who wasn't a drug dealer or thug. It's not exactly cheery stuff, with no real happy endings, but then again, neither is life. Sober stuff, yet perversely, still entertaining.


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