Predator 2

Dir: Stephen Hopkins
Star: Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ruben Blades

[9] Blam! Boom! Bang! Arnie may be missing, but the bad guy is back, or at least one like it. This Predator is even better equipped to kick human ass having all sorts of nifty optional extras: ultra-violet sight as well as infra-red, killer frisbees and lots of freaky weapons, as opposed to the original Predator's minimalist style (it went for the locking wheel nuts and a stereo radio instead). Virtually an expanded remake, set in the urban jungle of LA, I don't think this will disappoint - it's intelligently exploitative, Glover bringing more to his character than Schwarzenegger did, while the action sequences easily make up for some slack moments early on. The last ten minutes, as our hero finds the alien spaceship, made me sit back and go 'Whoa!'. An early contender for Pyrotechnic Overkill Movie of 1991.


Another illegal alien 
arrives in LA
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