Orgy of the Dead

Dir: "A.C.Stevens" [Stephen C. Apostolof]
Star: Criswell, Fawn Silver, Pat Barringer, William Bates

[6] If you removed the topless go- go dancing from this movie, you'd get a gorgeously silly horror movie, written by Ed Wood, about a couple that crash their car near a cemetery and discover the Emperor of Darkness within. However, it'd only be 15 minutes long, as at least 80% of this picture is taken up with various ghouls, all female, 'dancing' round a tiny, ultra-cheap set. This 'Eurovision Zombie Contest' is alternately numbingly & hysterically dull; not many films can provoke jeers at the Scala by showing naked nubiles!

9/10 for everything but the dancing
2/10 for that.

Dead wrong
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