Naked Killer

Dir: Clarence Fok
Star: Chingmy Yau, Simon Yam, Kelly Yao (Wai Yiu), Carrie Ng

[18] One of the most infamous of the Hong Kong category III films, something seems to have gone missing between reputation and reality; while this film has its moments, certainly, it's not the no-holds barred sleazefest one might expect from the cover. What you get, is an interesting mix of Nikita and Basic Instinct; a hit-woman takes on a new apprentice, only for a previous trainee to come steaming back with her lesbian lover and a severe grudge to settle. The action sequences are first-class, and the characterisations are way over-the-top, like some nightmarish wet dream (probably producer Wong Jing's). Sadly, the bits between the action are laughable, largely thanks to some truly dreadful dubbing -- there is a subtitled version available, at a mere 20, but the video company sent the dub... It makes one mean mother of a trailer, but even at 78 minutes, outstays its welcome.

[And yes: the subbed version is a whole lot better. Check out our review on GirlsWithGuns for details.]


Naked and Unashamed
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