Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout Video

Dir: Who cares? Oh, alright: Kenneth J. Hall, under a fake name
Star: Linnea Quigley, Jane Holzer, Amy Hunt, Victoria Nesbitt

[7] The purpose of this film is perfectly clear, to give adolescent American boys something to jerk off to in their bedrooms. Unfortunately, I don't have a video in my room, so I can't tell you if it succeeds in this aim, but I suppose you might enjoy this as a film if you like the sight of Ms.Quigley rubbing her crotch against a carpet, leading some zombies in an aerobics session or having four friends (combined IQs brushing double figures - it's very much a case of 'the bell is ringing, but Mr. Intelligence is not at home') over for a slumber i.e. lingerie party. Directed with a frightening lack of skill or imagination, just a single-minded obsession centred on Linnea's naughty bits. Now, a Winona Ryder Workout Video I could go for...


No guts, no gory
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