Dir: Andrew Adamson
Voice: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow

Look! Eddie Murphy as an animated comic sidekick! Oh, and there's Mike Myers and his "amusing" Scottish accent. Will someone please hold my aching sides? [Memo to Myers: please take your Celtic issues outside] And, please, can I never hear Smashmouth on a movie soundtrack again? Ever? Surely a dead-cert for most over-rated movie of the year, this fails on so many levels, it's difficuly to know where to start. Irritating characters, pointless Tarantinoesque pop-culture references, irrelevant subplots, fart gags, character animation so lacking in detail you'd be better off watching a late-60's episode of The Flintstones...all in all, it's a convincing argument for renewing Disney's monopoly. Indeed, the only laughs I got were the odd digs at Mouse-schwitz, thrown away in a rampage towards another utterly pointless scene - and does anyone know why Robin Hood was made French? For what it's worth, the hugely predictable plot limps along three notches below Ladyhawke, with Diaz as a princess who turns slightly homely at sunset, in need of rescuing from John Lithgow. I needed someone to rescue me. At the risk of being crude, it's an entirely appropriate title, since this falls somewhere between dreck and shit. Do yourselves a favour: watch The Princess Bride instead.


Somewhere between 'smug'
and 'bastard'
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